Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 14th

We were up early and went down to the restaurant for breakfast, then caught the shuttle to Wet ‘n’ Wild, excited for our fun filled day of water slides. My sister has been talking about nothing else all night. It is only open from 10:00 to 5:00 so we are going to make the most of our time.
My mom and little sister are not into the big, extreme rides so we separate. Mom goes to the kids park with my little sister and Dad and the rest of us are off to the most extreme rides we have seen.
Brain Wash, Der Stuka, the Storm, Mach 5, and the Bomb Bay. The line ups were about 20-25 minutes but so worth it. They are about 6 stories high, some from a 50’ drop to 250’. The Storm is like being in a cyclone. It took a few minutes to recover from that one. The Bomb Bay was so bizarre, a trap door opens and shoots you out almost straight down, what a rush.
My mom and sister had a lot of fun at the Kid’s park, there is a Lazy River that takes you past replicas of old boat docks and water falls. The Bubble Up, is a pool with a really big wet inflatable bubble that you climb up a rope to the top and then slide or bounce down. There is a pool with a gigantic bucket that dumps water in the pool. There is a bunch of smaller slides too, so they had a blast.
It took all morning to go on these, we didn’t want to quit, but were supposed to meet Mom and my sister at the wave pool and then go for lunch. We were starving, having fun takes a lot out of you. We had burgers, chicken, fries, and then were ready to get back at it.
For the afternoon we decided to stay together and do the tube rides as a family. There is the Disco H2O, with Music and flashing lights; The Surge, and The Bubba Tube. Mom sat out on the the Flyer, you ride a toboggan down a really extreme slide. The Black Hole was like a falling in a black hole, it was so much fun. Just dad and us older girls did the Blast, it was so extreme.
We finished up with the wave pool and just enjoying the sunshine. We thought we would have had time to go back and try some of the rides we did this morning, but the line ups were so long by then so we just ran out of time. We had the most awesome day.
We ended our day by having supper in the hotel and went for a walk around by our hotel. It is so beautiful here, and the evenings are so warm.


  1. orlando sounds like alot of fun.
    i alwasy wanted to hit up that big waterpark.

  2. Wow thats crazy. I have never been to Orlando so ya the whole trip sounds great. What is the craziest ride you have been on?

    - Tyreece

  3. Orlando would be so fun! i want to go to orlando looks really fun. I hope your trip is awesome.

  4. This place was pretty fun =) I'm going to miss it. Haha