Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 13th

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Good morning! We are off to Sea World and Adventure Park today. We are so excited we could hardly sleep last night. So after a quick breakfast in our room, we pack up and hurry downstairs to catch the hotel shuttle for Sea World.
We arrive at Sea World and begin to get organized. Our big plan is to go to the Shamu Adventure show (the killer whales) and the Whale and dolphin Theatre, they are in the same area as the roller coasters, so that’s where we’re off to.
The Shamu Adventure show was amazing. The killer whales are so beautiful, and so much bigger than I could have imagined. Of course, we sat in the Soak Zone, and got drenched when the whales went by and splashed us. It was so cool what the trainers could get them to do. After the show, Dad and us older girls went to the roller coaster, the Journey to Atlantis. It is a log boat ride with really amazing special effects and the finale is an almost 60’ drop. We didn’t want to stop there so we tried Kraken, the biggest and scariest roller coaster ride that we have ever been on.
After that we needed to settle down a bit so we went to see Clyde and Seamore, trained Sea Lions, they were hilarious. We also say penguins and otters.
After all that excitement, we needed to go and get some food. We ate at Mama’s kitchen, really good food. So after getting rejuvenated, we were off to Wild Arctic. We took the simulator helicopter ride. That was so much fun. We got to see the polar bears, walruses and beluga whales and harbor seals.
I think the most exciting thing of the day was Blue Horizons, the Dolphin show. There was music, dancing and aerial stunts. The dolphins could do amazing tricks, it sure is cool what the trainers could get them to do.
We were a little nervous to pet a stingray but we all wanted to feed the dolphins. You could also go down in a diving cage with more than 50 sharks at the Shark Deep Dive, but none of us were game to do that.
We had an awesome day, the line ups for the shows were about ½ hour and the roller coaster about 25 minutes, which wasn’t to bad, we didn’t think.
We were pretty exhausted by the time we caught our shuttle back to the hotel. We thought we could do something else after supper but all we did was order pizza and crash watching some TV. Mom and Dad sat out on the balcony for a while but we were finished. Gotta be fresh for tomorrow. Wet ‘n’ Wild.

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